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March 3rd, 2024

1. Why and How to Fast - 21 Days of Prayer & Fasting

Well here we are church, tomorrow is officially the first day of our 21 days of prayer and fasting… raise of hands if this is the first time you’ve ever participated in something like this?I’m super excited and a little nervous tbh for these next three weeks. I’m excited because I think the Church is at her best when she is seeking God intentionally and I am excited for the stories of breakthrough and transformation that will come as a result of these 3 weeks. I am a bit nervous because I have a hunch that God is going disrupt some things in our lives.God moving means something in us is changing.IE. If you’ve ever completed a workout plan to get fit or to compete in a race or competition, something had to change in you… habits, schedule, commitments, aversion to sweating and breathing hard.The same is true as we follow Jesus - He is always wanting to change something in our lives.

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