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October 15th, 2023

Exodus: Liberation & Renewal: 6. Passover

God desires perfection, without sin, and in order to provide that, a perfect sacrifice is requred. For the Hebrews still in Egypt, it was a lamb free of imperfections, to be sacrificed delicately to God. For us and everyone else now, it is the perfect lamb of God, Jesus Christ. What renewal and removal of the imperfections of sin needs to happen in your life and your heart? Are you ready to receive the gift of eternal life through the acceptance of this perfect sacrifice of Jesus? Join us as pastor David dives into the Word of Exodus 11-13.

For a more in depth look at Passover, we encourage our listerners to tune into an interview between Dr. Tim Mackie with the Bible Projet and His Pastor on the story of passover.

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